Lyme Treatment


Our Treatment Facility

We have partnered with Eden Marceau-Piconi owner of 5 Birds Wellness to provide Lyme disease and whole body detoxification treatments using Lyme Magnetic Protocol:  this relieves inflammatory disease. autoimmune. Rhumatoid Arthritis. neurological symptoms. & much more.  Over time toxins, heavy metals, and pathogens build up in our bodies causing inflammation…leading to increased aging.  Using bio-magnetic therapy I am able to help rid the body of these overloads, bringing balance back to the body at the cellular level.


Biomagnetic Therapy

Combined with the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of garlic and the cortisol reducing effects of lavender, I extend the healing  of the body with biomagnetic therapy.  Using the Lyme Magnetic Protocol, I treat the symptoms of Lyme disease, as well as treating the symptoms of  inflammatory disease, auto immune deficiencies, co-infections, and more. Future wellness events will bring you closer to farm based health.  

What is Lyme Magnetic Protocol

  1. Biomagnetic Therapy targets pathogens, even if they have become resistant to drugs, we are also able to rid the body of toxins and heavy metals
  2. It restores the energy flow and balances pH in the body which leads to faster recovery of tissues and organs as well as a better absorption of nutrients
  3. Biomagnetism is a non-invasive gentle therapy with practically no side-effects and completely compatible with other traditional and alternative practices (not recommended at the same time as acupuncture)

The Lyme Magnetic Protocol was created by Joan Randall of Woodstock, VT.  I have formally studied and continue to train with Joan.  Joan’s teaching and knowledge focus on Lyme treatment and extends to helping many other negative health symptoms.  This therapeutic modality has proven very effective in bringing the body back into balance and as so many people have said, “given me my life back!”

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Some Applications and Positive Effects:

Acute or chronic infections & inflammation
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Diabetes Mellitus
Chronic Lyme Disease
Respiratory problems

Dysfunctions of organs and glands
Headaches and migraines
Coinfections and more

Local increase of temperature, improved circulation, improved absorption of essential nutrients and pain-relieving effect

Repolarizing of the electric charges of an affected organ or tissue into its natural state (Battacharia and Sierra)

Regulation of the pH value (acidic/alkaline) which many a times is out of balance in an affected tissue or organ which can additionally lead to an invasion of pathogenic microbes

Accelerated transfer of calcium ions for mending tissues and bones

Balancing the production of certain hormones in various endocrine glands

GARLIC and LYME: Persistent Lyme infection, or post-treatment Lyme disease, may be a new disorder triggered by the initial infection. John’s Hopkins researchers  say the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, can enter a stationary or slow-growing phase, and so-called persister cells from the bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics.  In this study they found that the oil of garlic prove to be better than antibiotics at tackling those cells, published Oct 16, 2018 in the journal Antibiotics.

Some Symptoms & Troubles of diagnosing Lyme Disease

Overwhelming symptoms; brain fog, heart palpitations, memory loss, dizziness, nausea and extreme fatigue

Conventional medicine views Lyme disease treatment as an easy and straightforward proposition, a dose of antibiotics and you’re cured. Though this may work in the earliest stage of the disease, it is when Lyme goes undiagnosed or mistreated and allowed to get to a chronic state when treatment becomes more difficult.

Lyme disease will often be accompanied by co-infections which work in synergy with borrelia to exacerbate symptoms making the disease difficult to treat[7]. Lyme disease also has the unique ability to bypass the body’s blood-brain barrier, a barrier which typically prevents foreign invaders from affecting the brain, allowing the disease to enter the nervous system accounting for Lyme’s many complex neurological symptoms[8]. Antibiotic treatment protocols alone do not account for this invasion of the body’s nervous system through the blood-brain barrier and therefore are not likely to have lasting results. To effectively treat chronic Lyme disease, antibiotics need to also move past the blood-brain barrier [8].

Diagnosing Lyme is often a complicated process, most physicians are not adequately qualified to identify Lyme disease and the common tests (Western Blot and Elisa) used to confirm a Lyme diagnosis can report incorrect results 50% of the time. To make matters more complex, Lyme patients with neurological symptoms are often misdiagnosed with neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Parkinson’s disease, or even worse, their symptoms are dismissed altogether. The symptoms that they are experiencing are frustrating and maddening, especially when they are being told it’s “all in your head.” The struggle to find the right diagnosis is extremely draining for patients who are already facing depression, brain fog, memory loss, tremors, and other crippling symptoms.

The symptoms of Lyme neuroborreliosis are severely debilitating as-is, but Lyme also actively suppresses the immune system, enabling other recurrent and underlying chronic infection symptoms to exacerbate in the patient[7]. Oftentimes these patients will find themselves in and out of hospitals for years on end and lost in a string of referrals to neurologists and psychologists which yield no answers or even worse, misdiagnoses and incorrect treatments. The Lyme related neurological symptoms are destructive and life-changing. It becomes a struggle to live your daily life when you are battling this complex disease and at Envita we are experienced and compassionate with the struggles faced. Once Lyme disease progresses to a chronic state and moves into the brain, it is the endotoxins released by borrelia, the Lyme disease bacterium, that are the major cause of the neurological Lyme symptoms[1]. I understand the factors that cause these symptoms and are experienced in treating endotoxins and have developed unique treatment options to address the underlying causes of disease to potentially help our patients recover a long-lasting quality of life.

Session Description

After a review of your Patient Intake form, I will discuss your symptoms. A Kinesiology Assessment will be used to further answer questions, based on your body’s response, that will allow for specific placement of the magnets as a guideline for the Biomagnetic Lyme Therapy. This test will be conducted while you are laying down using your legs and feet, you will remain fully clothed.  Based on the results, positive and negative magnet groupings will be placed on the body at specific points toconduct the Lyme disease treatment.

The initial session is usually around 2 hours in duration, with subsequent treatments taking about 1 to  1 1/2  hours. Once the magnets are placed on the body, you will lie quietly for the duration of the appointment, usually going into a deep state of relaxation. The powerful magnets and energy allows your body to heal itself by neutralizing the pH and eradicating the pathogens.

Multiple appointments are often  required to throughly remove the Lyme symptoms and other pathogens from your body. The number of appointments will be dependent on the severity of your case. With new onset diagnosis of Lyme and tick borne infection, it may take 5-8 treatments, while chronic cases can take 15-25 sessions. This aggressive treatment encourages your mind and body to connect allowing for healing, restored energy and overall health.