Laser Therapy

The Biolight PTL laser is FDA cleared to reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing at a cellular level. Scientific research has demonstrated that information transmitted in the form of energy (laser) is both faster and more efficient than chemical (pharmaceutical) information.  Cold Laser Therapy leverages the power of lasers in “Low Level Laser Therapy,” or LLLT, to support our bodies’ innate ability to create healing and wellness. Low Level Laser Therapy is a proven technology, backed by research and most importantly, results. The Biolight laser clinical program includes over 100,000 specific frequencies designed to resolve stress related symptoms associated with the following health conditions:

Autoimmune diseases
Bone Repair
Brain Injury/Concussion

Neurological Problems
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Scar Tissue

Traumatic Brain Injury
Wound Healing
Herniated Discs

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Exceptional Pain Management

Cold Laser Therapy provides true pain management, addressing the structural and neurological imbalances that actually cause pain, instead of covering the symptoms up.

Accelerate Your Care

Whether you’re recovering from painful injuries, or reducing the risk of degenerative conditions, accelerate your recovery.

Restore/Maintain Brain Health

Reduce the risk of neurological and degenerative issues and help maintain focus and mental clarity. Especially useful in the treatment of concussion injuries.

Safe, Effective and Comfortable

No matter who in your family requires assistance with healing, cold laser therapy is safe and produces incredible results. 

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Our bodies are filled with numerous light-sensitive chemical switches and amplifiers. Light turn on chemical reactions within living organisms.

Low intensity lasers promote healing. They give off little to no heat and work by producing changes in cells, mostly by helping sick cells to energize and heal themselves.

The body can not heal without an adequate blood supply. Improving circulation is only one of the many ways lasers help.

So many modern diseases, including heart disease, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and all autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus), occur in part because our body’s immune systems stays stuck on too long. Laser light can unblock the stalled process and quickly move it to a normal resolution, leading to decreased inflammation, swelling and pain.

A unique aspect of lasers is that they preferentially affect damaged cells, or cells that are struggling to function and need energy the most. Lasers have a good effect where they are most needed.

Lasers rapidly heal all sorts of things that should not be healed – cartilage, badly torn tendons, ligaments, and muscles.