Chiropractic Fees

Affordable. Health. Care.

At Woodstock Chiropractic our focus is on YOU, our patients.

We have structured our office as a ‘micro-practice’ where we strive to keep our overhead and fees low. We recognize that maintaining your health is like eating healthy food and exercise- it is not something you do once in a while, rather, it is something you do regularly to get the best results. Regular spinal checkups and chiropractic adjustments help stave off degenerative changes and combat postural distortions from sitting, falls, working on computers, cell phones, driving, etc. By lowering our fees our patients can have access to regular quality care.

Lower fees = access to care = better health.

Chiropractic New Patient Visit: $90

Chiropractic Office Visit: $30

Child Adjustment (when adult is adjusted on the same day): $15

Functional Medicine/Laser Initial Visit: $100

Functional Medicine/Laser Follow up Visit: $45

Integrated Allergy Care: $100

Integrated Allergy Care Treatment Visit: $45

Laser (pain/concussion protocol) 1 Area – Existing Patients: $25


What would your house or car look like if you only made the repairs that insurance covered?

We do not bill health insurance. After 15 years of practice we acknowledge that insurance billing is a costly distraction and limits the quality of care that we can provide. In our practice there are no limits on visits, no necessary referrals and no red tape. If you have health insurance we will give you a superbill that you can send to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement.  Copayments for most insurance plans are close to $30 (this cost of an office visit) for many plans so coming to our office will not cost you significantly more out of pocket.  Our fees are simple and affordable.