Dr. Malik is certified under the Mally Sports Chiropractic Technique. He served as an intern with Dr. Mitch Mally in Davenport, IA. The Mally technique is the preferred sports chiropractic technique for many professional sports organizations and athletes around the world. Focus is on treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. Dr. Michael Malik is a marathoner and also enjoys skiing, sailing, windsurfing, hiking and yoga.

No matter the technique, the goal of Chiropractic is to remove Subluxations. Subluxations are “misaligned” segments of the spine. When these bones misalign they often create pain, burning, numbness, tingling or problems with organ function. Here are a list of the techniques that I utilize for spinal corrections in my practice:


This is an ‘instrument” adjusting technique where the force of the adjustment is provided via a mechanical device or instrument. The neuromechanical Impulse adjusting instrument and technique are very gentle and can be used on all patients from babies to seniors. Remember: Force = Mass x Acceleration. The Impulse instrument is small, so it has minimal mass, however the acceleration is about 100 x faster than a human manual adjustment, thereby giving an equivalent force to that of a manual adjustment. These adjustments are gentle yet very effective. For more information visit


This is a “manual technique” where I use my hands to move the spinal segments and make the correction. The Gonstead system is a very specific system of Chiropractic adjusting that limits joint rotation thereby allowing for the safest and most effective correction. For more information visit


Also know as Chiropractic BioPhysics. This is the most researched technique in all of Chiropractic and it’s focus is posture correction. Whether it is a shorter leg, loss of neck curve following a motor vehicle collision or fall, scoliosis, poor posture from sitting or a repetitive work routine, CBP utilizes X-rays and posture examination to find the source of the misalignment, and has protocols to correct the misalignment. for more information visit:

Drop Table

This technique utilizes a special table that has parts of the table drop a short distance under the patient. The drop help to accelerate the joint and help to make the adjustment. This is a “light” technique and is also very effective. Drops can be used on all patients ranging from babies to seniors.